by Andrew Atwell, Creative Director

Every year we produce an original video series that plays during the evening worship on our summer mission trips. While every series is different, we always aim to share inspirational and challenging stories about the Christian faith.

We’re excited to announce that last year’s series, a continuation of the Truth and Dare series, is finally available online. For this video series, we interviewed 7 unique individuals who overcame tremendous obstacles through faith in Jesus Christ. We hope these videos can be an awesome resource for students and youth groups looking for inspiration and encouragement to dive deeper into their faith.

There are a few ways you can view this video series…

1) Visit to easily access all the videos from this series and previous series.
2) Visit to watch our videos and subscribe to our channel.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our original video content. We truly hope it helps you along your journey following Christ!
Next Step Ministries