Updates: the Radio Station, Whiteclay, and the Jails

By Dave Porter, Partnership Coordinator

Just when we thought the snow was over and winter had passed here in Pine Ridge, we got another wave of winter weather.  More than anything, we are hoping for a dry month in April. Many roads on the Reservation ‘close down’ in a way, where cars simply can’t drive on them when there has been a lot of rain. Please pray with us for this, as this is the month where things really begin to ramp up with finalizing all the construction projects for this upcoming summer. Accessing all of the homes is a huge part of that, as you can imagine.

There is exciting news regarding Whiteclay, NE. Many of you are aware of Whiteclay and the situation present there regarding homelessness and alcoholism and sales. For those of you who don’t, you can look here for more information. The first court hearing happened during the first week of April and there seems to be a probable chance all Whiteclay liquor licenses may be revoked by this summer.  Simply put, the case revolves around public safety and health issues, and this we hope, finds favor with the judge. Keep praying!

The radio station continues to grow and touch the lives of those living in Pine Ridge (see last blog post for more information). We hope to use it as a voice of testimony for not only Next Step mission trips but everything God is doing on the Reservation through His people. Encouragement is starting to spread through this platform.

We continue to build relationships all over Pine Ridge. The Church, as a whole, is growing in health with new leaders being raised up. Recently, we have had new people coming to church from our ministry taking place in the jails. Lives are being touched in the jails to a point that when they are released, these individuals come to church worship services.  What’s been happening in the jail lately (especially on the women’s side) is wonderful!

That’s it for now, keep praying, keep hope alive, and keep spreading the love of Jesus!!

Next Step Ministries