We don’t have the perfect words to say

By Next Step

We don’t have the perfect words to say.

As our nation continues to hurt, as more people are talking about racial injustices, we believe that we are called to listen, learn, reflect, and bring the love of Christ to all people.

In 2012 after reading When Helping Hurts there was a shift and a new resolve at Next Step in how we do ministry. After humbly learning and seeking we dove head first into shining the light of Christ and creating mission experiences where short-term mission trips collide with long-term community development. Was it an easy process? No. Are we still learning? Yes. Are we thankful for the process and committed to further learning and serving? Most emphatically yes.

We are reminded of a section from our Statement of Faith as well as a section regarding Local Leadership. Both of these can be found on our website.

Statement of faith- It is our goal to bring this good news to all people who will listen through our actions and words. Next Step Ministries holds that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is thereby applicable and authoritative for our lives today. We believe that God is all loving and all powerful, and is therefore worthy of all our praise and reverence. We believe God encompasses the fullness of love and calls us to love Him and all those around us regardless of race, political slant, religion, or sex. We believe that God has called every Christian to reach the physical and spiritual needs of those around us.

Local leadership- We do not come in as outsiders and determine what is going to take place in a community, but instead listen and join in on what the community desires and is already doing. This assures that the projects you work on are projects that the community desires and are eager to be a part of, and will continue past your trip. Our goal is to be guided completely by the leaders in each community we partner with.

If you have served with us, or were planning on doing so you may have heard us reference “not having a savior mentality.” We believe in the importance of listening first and not focusing on our own agenda. We need to have a posture where we are quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1:9).

At Next Step we are so thankful to serve alongside a diverse group of churches, non-profits, ages, cultures, places, and people. We know that this isn’t a simple process but we stand firm in believing that shining the light of Christ and sharing the Good News is more than worth it. One of our partners in Oklahoma City (Restore OKC) shared this quote recently that says that we are to be a “Countercultural display of unity in a world that seems to repeatedly fracture.” Now, more than ever it is our opportunity as believers to come together.

Again, we don’t have the perfect words to say but as we move forward we will continue to ask:
1) How can we be shining the light of Christ?
2) How can we continue to listen and learn from those around us?
3) What would Jesus say and do in a time like this?

Next Step Ministries