What Season Are You In?

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

A word from homeowner Gloria Loggins:

Time doesn’t stand still, does it? How often do we hear these words? Where did the time go? Just a few months ago – in fact it was summer. I clearly remember that beautiful summer day, June 19, 2017. This was my first encounter with the “Next Step” ministry crew. I had already met Travis when he introduced me to the program.

Early that June 19th morning, eleven people arrived at my home to start working on some of the projects that Travis and I had discussed. Four men, six students and a Next Step staff member. They were welcomed into my home. They were not strangers to me at all. They were polite, kind, friendly, and eager to start working with me. I had never experienced anything like this. They truly represented Jesus Christ!

In four days they did an unbelievable amount of work at my home. They painted, sanded hardwood floors, repaired bathrooms and any other things that they could accomplish in the time that was left of their four days. There was not a “lime or lemon” in the group. They not only respected me, they respected each other as well. The fellowship we shared at lunch time was rewarding. We had scripture readings and the group as well as myself participated in this time. We learned so much and also enjoyed getting to know each other.

It is amazing how and who God chooses to put His creations together. All we need to do is be obedient to His will. We are Servants; His hands and His feet. Summer is gone, the Tennessee group has gone home, but their spirits and what they have done here remain in my heart and my home.

The season has changed – we notice the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather. God is everywhere and in everything. As long as we desire to live our lives as God wants us to, all of us can follow the examples of Next Step Ministries who expresses Christ first hand with its loving, caring, and giving spirit.

There is much work for all of us to do. We are here to serve, to give of ourselves – to bless the orphans, the widows, and give to the poor. Never let us not forget to pray for the less fortunate and this world.



Gloria Loggins

Next Step Ministries