What Time Is It? (almost)

By Leah Swank Partnership Coordinator

Summer is just a few short days away which means our summer staff is gearing up for Training Week, and will be heading out to several of our communities!

While our staff is getting ready for what is sure to be an incredible summer, I wanted to share with several of our past, present, and future Oklahomies of an exciting new opportunity for our community this summer! Leading up to this summer, there was a lot of discussion on how we can make the summer experience one that our staff, students, and leaders can take part in and continue back home.

Since we are all in this together, we have launched an Oklahoma Community Fundraiser Page. This page will be used to highlight specific needs that our partnerships have and how we can help continue to support their mission and ministries in the community year round! I’m excited to share that this summer we are focusing on Cross and Crown and Restore OKC.

Cross and Crown has been a ministry that we have worked with from the very beginning of serving in Oklahoma. Many of you may remember, but one of the homes we have been tirelessly working on is in the final stages of being completed. Once completed, this home will serve as a Women’s Center for Cross and Crown. It will be used as a safe place for women to come find shelter, community, and ultimately an encounter with Christ. We are asking you to share the page and get your community involved to help raise funds to finish this project. We are down to the plumbing and cabinet installation on this project and hope to have it up and running by the end of the year!

A new partnership that we are working with this summer is Restore OKC. I’m so excited to work with this group because of the impression that they have made on the NE side of the city in Oklahoma. They have helped create jobs for single mothers, started tutoring programs for children in the nearby school, but most importantly they have made an impact for Jesus in the schools that are struggling financially in the community. Our goal this summer is to fully stock the resource room at Thelma Parks Elementary School. What do you say, are you with us?!

For more information about these partnerships and the specific needs they have this summer, please check out our fundraising page here.

This fundraising site is just the start, but I believe that together we can help these partners achieve their goals, and make an incredible impact for the Kingdom-making this summer one to remember!

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