What We Value, We Cultivate

Kinsey Tucker, Community Development Coordinator

Community development sometimes feels like a big, vague idea. It’s something we really want to see happen here at Next Step but how do we tangibly do that? For the most part, it’s taking small steps each day towards community goals. But sometimes those small steps need some direction. That’s where our core values come in.


The community development department is excited to roll out our core values. These are what we are focusing on as a department in our day to day ministry.  They are listed below with a short description of what they mean to us:

Caring  //  Our goal is to love our communities by caring deeply for them and having their best interests in mind, knowing that relationships are at the heart of community development.

Supportive  //  Our role in communities is to be a support to the initiatives currently taking place, to community members, to incoming mission teams, and to summer staff.

Bridge-Builder  //  Our department has the chance to truly live out Next Step’s desire for a collision of short-term missions with long-term community development. We act as a connection point between our short-term summer trips and a community’s long-term hopes and efforts.

Learner  //  We are constantly seeking new research and developments in our field, seeking to grow in our knowledge of community development. We also take on the position of learners in our communities, knowing that those who operate in a community offer the most insight.

Initiator  //  As we collect new ideas and knowledge on community development, our desire is to initiate new thoughts and ideas into our standard mission trips to make them more community-minded.


There you have it! These are the guiding values as we navigate how to tangibly live out community development on a day-to-day basis here at Next Step.

Consider taking on these core values in your own community and in the communities you may visit on your next summer mission trip. What we value is what we cultivate and our prayer is that you continue to cultivate a community mindset on your mission trip.

Next Step Ministries