When Being Worn Out is Actually a Good Thing

Mick Silvers: Partnership Coordinator For Los Angels

In addition to serving as the Partnership Coordinator, I also have the privilege to work year round with our partners at Union Rescue Mission on the ‘Families’ floor. I’d love to share a little bit of what the Lord is teaching me through this incredible organization.

This past month The Union Rescue Mission has been down to one elevator. Now, when you have 1,300 people living or working in your building, this can cause some minor frustrations. Maybe it’s because I am an impatient individual, but one day while waiting over 5 minutes for the elevator I started to complain internally. I was complaining about the elevator which then made my mind trail off to other problems with the Mission. Like how in some areas of the building the air conditioning doesn’t work super well, some of the kitchen appliances are broken, and some of the office doors don’t close very well – these were just some of the complaints I made internally before the my thoughts were interrupted by the ding of the one working elevator. Throughout this past month, these thoughts continued. I was spending a lot of time wishing the building I was working in looked like the churches in Los Angeles. So many churches are aesthetically pleasing. They were perfect for that instagram picture.

Last week, while I was sitting at a coffee shop, I pulled out my bible. I realized that my bible was starting to look a little worn out. Corners were frayed, the edge was stained brown from coffee spills (because we all know you can’t read your bible without a cup of coffee). Many of the pages had tears from vigorously turning them. While examining my bible I remember having a since of pride overcome me. When my bible looks worn out, this must mean that I use my bible a lot. Before this thought could be completed I remember thinking back to how much I had complained over the last month about how worn out the Mission was. I had a moment of conviction. I should take great pride in the fact the building I work in is worn out. This means that the community living and working behind its doors are using the building to its fullest potential. This building is so worn out because Union Rescue Mission does not turn away women or children. This building is worn out because it feeds an average of 2,500 people experiencing homelessness every single day! How cool is that? I am so incredibly blessed that I get to wake up everyday, walk down these building halls, and experience so many incredible moments. It is also a huge privilege that the Union Rescue Mission allows Next Step Ministries to play a part in the wear and tear of the building through bringing students out during the summers.

Once again, The Union Rescue Mission and its inhabitants have shown me what is important and necessary to live in true community. If we allow the material world to take precedence over people- then we will never accomplish what we were initially created to do.

Next Step Ministries