Working With Ithaka Land Trust

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

During the summer we have the opportunity to work with a transitional housing organization called Ithaka Land Trust. They are on a mission to house the city’s most vulnerable. In Ithaka’s words, “We envision a Colorado Springs where all individuals and families are housed in a supportive environment and are connected with resources to assist with their growth in the community.” Ithaka has been a part of the Colorado Springs community for over 37 years. It is amazing and powerful to hear how Ithaka is housing the most at risk within the community and their future plans for their residents.

Next Step recently began working on a community center for Ithaka. In the past the building was not used for very many purposes other than storage space. The vision for the community was to have a safe place for Ithaka’s community residents to meet with their social worker, have other educational meetings, and a place for kids to be safe and comfortable. The director of Ithaka often talks about how many families need safe and life-giving places to meet within the community in the midst of a beautiful town. There are always a lot of things to do and get involved in for a family within Colorado Springs, although while they are at Ithaka they desire for the families, people, and kids to have a place to gather and meet within their own community and getting to know one another.

The room was painted with bright and fun colors. That’s how Ithaka asked for it to be. They wanted a welcoming yet fun and energetic place for people to come. Next Step helped with reflooring the building as well and cleaning around the property. Ithaka’s facilities manager helped us with the plans, colors, and how to go about the project overall. It was a great way to enter in and catch a glimpse of an organization doing such amazing work. Thank you to Ithaka Housing for allowing us the opportunity to come alongside them and help create a safe and life-giving place for their residents. The work was simple, but we pray the impact is powerful and effective. 

Next Step prays over all of the residents of Ithaka. We pray that through their mission the heart of God is revealed and every resident feels the love and joy that God has for them. We pray over the community center and that each individual that walks in the building will leave refreshed and have a hope within their community that they are involved with. May the city of Colorado Springs see the impact and value of Ithaka and surround them with love, care, and resources for them to best serve their population. Thank you, Ithaka Housing!   

Next Step Ministries