Assistant Team Leader

Paid Position

Support Raising Required

Employment Dates: May 20th - August 6th, 2019

Job Position

As the Assistant Team Leader you will be involved in all areas of running the site and in charge of many of the logistics, schedules, transportation, shopping, food, cooking and maintenance of the facilities.

Job Responsibilities

  • Submit food order and coordinate grocery shopping
  • Keep detailed inventory of food
  • Be responsible for supplies (such as cleaning, admin, etc.)
  • Coordinate details of the free day (transportation, costs etc.)
  • Oversee breakfast and dinner preparation
  • Responsible for the set up of brown bag lunches
  • Oversee the student crew jobs
  • Participate alongside students at work projects daily
  • Participate in daily devos and nightly worship

Position Requirements

  • Previous Mission Experience preferred
  • Previous Leadership Experience
  • Experience or knowledge of cooking
  • CPR Certification Required