Worship Team Member

Paid Position

Support Raising Required

Employment Dates: May 20th - August 6th, 2019

Job Position

As a Worship Team Member you are responsible for leading students in nightly worship. This provides a chance for you to grow and develop in your personal area of expertise of worship (vocally, instrumentally, etc.) You will work within a team of 3-5 musicians, and are expected to contribute to a positive and healthy worship team dynamic. You will also have the opportunity to serve as a spiritual mentor to students and facilitate positive conversations throughout each day. You will help to facilitate 54 nights of evening programming in one summer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead nightly worship under the direction of the Worship Leader
  • Work with the team on set selection
  • Attend daily practices and run-throughs
  • Attend set up and sound check daily
  • Develop in your area of expertise (leading vocally, instrumentally)
  • Participate alongside students at work projects daily
  • Participate in daily devos and nightly worship

Position Requirements

  • Previous Missions Experience preferred but not required
  • Experience Leading Worship
  • Experience playing in a band
  • Familiarity with sound equipment and Mac computers preferred but not required
  • CPR Certification Required