Hospitality Leader Position Requirements

Hospitality Leader

Paid Position

Support Raising Required

Employment Dates: May 20 – August 6, 2024


Position Description:

You will have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills as you oversee essential components of a well-functioning mission trip. You will oversee all of the cooking, meal preparation, food inventory, and cleaning responsibilities on site. You will be the go-to for high quality customer service. You will grow in your organizational and delegation skills as you create sustainable systems for others to help in the kitchen and lodging facilities. This position provides a platform to practice servant leadership and hospitality as you build relationships with others and oversee key elements of a successful mission trip. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to serve alongside students and community members daily on work projects. You will see students’ lives changed as they grow into a deeper understanding of God through serving the community during the day and experiencing powerful programming each night.


  • Submit weekly food order and coordinate grocery shopping
  • Keep detailed inventory of food
  • Be responsible for supplies (such as cleaning, admin, etc.)
  • Work with the Team Leader to maintain and manage the food budget
  • Oversee breakfast and dinner preparation
  • Responsible for the set up of brown bag lunches
  • Organize and oversee the student cleaning crew jobs
  • Lead and participate alongside students at work projects daily
  • Participate in daily devos and nightly worship
  • Contribute as a team player in all aspects of mission trip facilitation


  • Must be a believer in Jesus Christ and hold to Next Step’s Statement of Faith
  • Previous Mission Experience preferred
  • Previous Leadership Experience
  • Experience or knowledge of cooking preferred but not required
  • Highly organized and can work well with spreadsheets and lists
  • Heart of hospitality and displays an attitude of servanthood
  • Fluency in Spanish preferred (Guatemala location only)