Colorado Springs is a picturesque city at the base of Pikes Peak, one of the nation’s most beautiful mountain ranges. Here your students will explore this vibrant community and work alongside individuals struggling with material poverty and homelessness.


June 6 - 12

June 13 – 19

June 20 – 26

June 27 – July 3

July 5 – 10*

July 11 – 17

July 18 – 24

July 25 – July 31

August 1 – 7

* Sunday through Friday trip


Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and was recently ranked as one of the best cities to live in. However, amongst this beautiful city are individuals struggling with material poverty and homelessness. The United Way reports that over the last few years, the percentage of individuals living in a state of homelessness was up nearly 6% with youth homelessness up 7%. And then there are others who are not homeless, but still struggle with day-to-day living.

The good news — there are many active churches and community organizations within Colorado Springs helping to meet this problem head on. Next Step is excited to continue to come alongside the local church and community organizations like Mission Medical Center, Family Life Services and Fresh Start Center, to assist people like Gloria.

Gloria is a local homeowner in Colorado Springs who we initially met through Brothers Redevelopment. This organization helps elderly and disabled people by providing home repair and affordable housing. Gloria’s home needed a lot of work. Our student teams cleaned out her house, fixed drywall, installed a new toilet and landscaped her yard. Gloria loved spending time with all the students, leaders, and staff throughout the summer. She specifically loved to tell them about Jesus and how he was always there for her. Gloria’s love was contagious and deeply moved the students serving her.

While many homeowners and organizations need physical work, they also simply desire someone to talk with and listen to them. 

This summer our teams will continue to participate in building projects for families in transitional housing, join outreach events in the community, and engage in tangible service projects that meet the food and shelter needs of individuals living in states of at-risk homelessness or homelessness. No matter the project, students will have many opportunities to share the Gospel to families that find themselves in hard times. Most importantly, groups get the chance to learn from people like Gloria who have so much to share. 

We invite you to join us in Colorado Springs next summer!



Family Services

FLS has a rich tradition of helping  families in Colorado Springs. Originally an orphanage, the 2.5 acre property was home to 34 orphaned children before  refining its mission in the 80’s to focus on rebuilding the lives of single moms and their children. FLS now facilitates life transformation of struggling, single moms and their children through faith-based resident programs and community outreach.


Health Care Services

Mission Medical is a faith-based organization providing free healthcare to uninsured, under-insured, and low income individuals in Colorado Springs, even though they have few provisions for their medical clinic. Next Step currently works with Mission Medical Clinic to rehabilitate and build out their facilities. Next Step is eager to continue this partnership to help Mission Medical serve their clients with the utmost dignity.


Community Rehabilitation Program

Fresh Start Center’s mission is to fight hunger, poverty, and joblessness through sustainable agriculture, employment programs, case management, and food distribution. Next Step works with Fresh Start Center within their food-growing operation. Whether it’s farming, building new grow beds, cleaning fish tanks, picking food for the pantry, or caring for the rabbits, chickens and goats on the farm – there is a lot to do!




We’ve been told our worship experience is where summer camp meets mission trip. At Next Step, your students will create unforgettable memories and friendships while worshipping and growing together in their understanding of who Jesus is. Each evening will include great bands, challenging speakers and a powerful video series created and filmed exclusively for your mission trip.


Have you ever gone on a mission trip and been disappointed by the work projects? You’re left wondering— isn’t there something more we could have done? At Next Step, we have partnered with local community leaders to ensure that the projects are meaningful and alleviate vital building needs. Your students will work on projects such as full home builds, home additions, drywall, siding, flooring, wheelchair ramps, and more.


Do you ever wonder if your short-term mission trip really made a difference? At Next Step, students serve alongside local community members, churches and nonprofits, as we meet the needs of the community together. With our full-time staff living in the communities we partner with, and projects being selected by the community, you will be part of a movement in responsible short-term missions.


[az_tab_section] [tab title="Accommodations" id="tab-1"]The trip is hosted at First United Methodist Church in downtown Colorado Springs. Here we will worship, eat meals, sleep and hang out. There are bathrooms in the facility and a shower trailer located 10 minutes from the church with individual shower stalls. Sleeping will be on the floor so please bring a twin air mattress and bedding. This facility does have A/C in both worship and sleeping areas.[/tab] [tab title="Transportation" id="tab-2"]This mission site is bus and van accessible. Some groups choose to fly and then rent vehicles for the week. The nearest airports are the Colorado Spring Airport (COS), located 20 minutes away. Also, there is the Denver International Airport (DEN) located about an hour away.[/tab] [tab title="What to Bring" id="tab-3"]Twin Size Air Mattress
Bedding & Pillow
Water Bottle
Swim Suit
Work Shoes
Work Clothes
Casual Clothes
Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
[/tab][tab title="Schedule" id="tab-4"]SUNDAY (ARRIVAL DAY)
3:00-5:00 pm – Arrive to Mission Location
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Worship & Weekly Orintation
8:30 pm – Church Time, Small groups, Free Time
11:00 pm – Lights Out
7:00 am – Wake Up
7:15 am – Eat Breakfast & Lunch Preparation
8:00 am – Morning Devotional
8:15 am – Depart for Worksite & Begin Working
12:00 pm – Lunch & Devotion
1:00 pm – Resume Working
3:30 pm – Clean Up/Return
4:00 pm – Free time/Showers/Leader Meeting
6:00pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Worship
8:30 – Church Time/Small Groups/Free Time
11:00 pm – Lights Out
8:00 am – Wake Up 
8:15 am – Eat Breakfast & Lunch Preparation
9:00 am – Morning Devotion
9:15 am – Leave for Free Day Activity
4:00 pm  – Shower Time/Free Time/Leader Meeting
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Worship
8:30 pm – Church Time/Small Groups/Free time
11:00 pm – Lights Out

[/tab] [/az_tab_section]


When should I register for my trip?

Registration opens in July and will be available through early spring. To get your preferred dates, locations, and spaces, it is recommended to secure your spots sometime before October.

What is the min or max people per group?

For summer mission trips you must have a minimum of five participants to be eligible for a group. If you have less than five participants on your team, please contact our office. The maximum number of people will depend on location capacity and availability.

What is the adult to student ratio required?

Next Step Ministries asks each group to bring 1 adult for every 6 students.

Are background checks required?

Yes. Each church group is responsible for conducting background checks on each participant 18 years of age or older.

When will we find out what our work are?

Your group will learn about the work projects on the first night of your trip! Our staff will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to the trip to share updates and provide an adjusted tool list.

How are the trips staffed?

A Next Step Partnership Coordinator facilitates community partnerships, lines up projects, leads the summer staff, and coordinates other logistics such as lodging and accommodations. The trip itself will be facilitated by 8-12 energetic, mission-minded, and highly trained college interns. The site staff will include a construction team, worship team, speaker, meal coordinators, and administrative leaders to guide you through the week.

What if the trip I’m considering is already full?

Each location has a different max capacity, so please contact our office to learn more about spaces available. In the event we are fully booked for the trip you are interested in, we can put you on a wait list or help find alternative trip options. To avoid these delays, we recommend registering for your trip as soon as you can!

What is the payment schedule?

Payment for a Next Step Ministries mission trip is separated into a deposit and two scheduled payments:

  • Deposit - $50 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit per spot reserved due within 30 days of your trip registration date
  • March 15th Payment – 50% of remaining balance of trip cost due
  • May 15th Payment – 100% of remaining total balance of trip cost due

Is Next Step affiliated with a denomination?

No, we do not affiliate with a particular denomination. Next Step Ministries is an interdenominational organization and we partner with hundreds of churches from all different denominations on our mission trips. Please see our Statement of Faith to learn more about what we believe. In simple terms, we stick to the basics of the Gospel. Our foundation for ministry is to provide opportunities for students to connect and grow in a personal relationship with Christ.

How are the work projects selected?

Next Step Ministries works alongside community leaders, non-profit organizations, and the local church in order to set up work projects. Full-time Next Step Staff called Partnership Coordinators live and serve within the community year round and are well connected. Next Step collaborates with the community to plan the projects you will be working on in advance.

Will our group be paired with other groups?

You will most likely be attending a trip with 2-4 other youth groups. All groups will share sleeping quarters and we will have meals and worship together as a large group. Many of our mission site locations can accommodate for 80-100 volunteers each week. For work projects, we love to mix students, but also understand many groups prefer to stick together. Please let us know your preference and we will plan accordingly!

Is the mission trip safe?

Yes. Next Step Ministries exists to give middle school, high school, and college students an opportunity to explore their faith, experience God, and extend service to others on a mission trip. Students are our top priority and safety is always our primary concern. Thankfully, because of our long-term commitment and involvement within the community, we have developed many close relationships with local families and organizations. The community is familiar with Next Step and we’ve worked hard to humbly earn their trust and respect. Because of these close friendships we are the first to know if something out of the ordinary comes up or is unsafe.


Day or night, Next Step Ministries is happy to hear from you. Whether you have a question, comment or concern, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. As an additional resource, feel free to download this brochure for all your mission trip information in one place.

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