We’ve already taken care of all the nightly programming for your trip!  From daily devotions to evening worship, we’ve created a kit of all your programming essentials. Push play on our pre-recorded worship covers and speaker talks, or customize the experience using only specific aspects of the materials.

Programming Guide

This guide walks you through how to best utilize our programming materials for your trip.

Film Series Videos

Each night of programming includes a designated video from our original film series.

Teaching Materials

Speak off the provided outline or play a video that perfectly compliments the film series.

Worship Materials

Play these Next Step worship covers for nightly programming or use the provided sheet music to perform with your own worship team.


These daily devotions perfectly compliment the video series and teaching materials to help keep your youth engaged throughout the day. 


A big part of every mission trip is deciding what projects to tackle. We encourage you to look within your own church body to see if there are any needs that can be met by your group. If not, expand your service to your local community. After assessing the needs within your community, choose from a variety of projects options below to serve your community well.

Mission Mindset Packet

Read the packet on how to adopt a mindset for missions and assure that you are serving your local community well. 

Choosing Your Projects

Read the packet to help decide which projects will best meet the needs of your community.

Construction Projects Overview

Check out this video to learn how to best utilize our work project materials for your trip.

Picnic Table Work Project

Build a picnic table as a gathering place for the community.

Painting Work Project

Renew a local structure with a fresh coat of paint. 

Mosaic Work Project

Make a beautiful mosaic to bring new life into an area. 

Landscaping Work Project

Spruce up an outdoor area with new landscaping. 

Garden Box Work Project

Construct a large garden box that makes a great addition to a community garden.

Fence Work Project

Build a fence to help define, protect, or preserve an area. 

Community Pantry Work Project

Construct a small community food pantry. 

Birdhouse Work Project

Construct a birdhouse to help bring wildlife to an area. 

Bench Work Project

Construct a bench that makes a great addition to a community space.

Canned Goods Service Project

Collect canned goods to assist your local food pantry in feeding those in need.

Fundraiser Service Project

Conduct a fundraiser to meet a financial need of the community.

Joke Book Service Project

Make a joke book to lift people’s spirits.

Mask Making Service Project

Make face masks to help protect the vulnerable population in your community.

No Sew Baby Blanket Service Project

Make tie blankets to give out to families with small children.

Prayer Walk Service Project

Serve your community through the power of prayer. 

Snail Mail Service Project

Connect with others using old school pen and paper. 

Youth Room Revamp Service Project

Revitalize your youth room to better support your activities and inspire your youth.


Planning a mission trip can be a big task, but we’ve made it easy for you to follow along and plan each aspect of your trip. From pre-trip logistics to food prep to volunteer leadership, these materials serve as a starting point for a great mission trip experience.

Trip Leadership Kit

Lead your trip effectively and empower others to lead with you.

Trip Logistics Kit

Plan the logistics of your trip with these helpful resources.

Food Prep Kit

Get your meals in order with these helpful downloadable guide materials, and check out our fun food tips and tricks video. 

Trip T-Shirt Kit

Dress the team with group T-shirts designed for your Serve Local trip.

Parent Resources

Fill in and send out these resources to help parents stay informed pre-trip.

All Access

Here you can access all the available Serve Local resources in one convenient place.


We truly value your feedback! Our hope with Serve Local is to give your church or youth group all the tools necessary to run a life-changing mission trip in your home community. If you decided to use our Serve Local program with your group, we would love to know how it went. If you fill out our feedback form, you will be entered into a raffle to win a free spot on a Next Step mission trip during the summer of 2021. It's as easy as clicking the button below and answering a few questions. The raffle winner will be announced in September 2020. Thanks again for partnering with Next Step and we look forward to serving alongside you soon.


How much do these materials cost?

Nothing! These are completely free. 

Do I have to use all of the materials?

You can use as much or as little of the materials as you would like to help you provide an amazing trip experience!

Can I do this if I am not a part of a local church?

Yes. You can use the materials with any group to facilitate a great service trip experience

Do you help set these trips up?

No. These Serve Local materials are for helping facilitate self run trips, which you can set up and run yourself to serve your own community for 2020!


Closing our 2020 summer mission trips in response to COVID-19 was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve made at Next Step. In the end, we didn’t want to be part of the problem — we wanted to be a part of the solution.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t 100% predict how the virus will affect our communities and daily lives in the future. Despite this uncertainty, we are humbly going into 2021 planning to run a full summer of mission trips.

Mission trips are the beating heart of Next Step, and no one is more excited than us to serve alongside you as soon as possible — but we need to do this safely. All future mission trips will follow CDC guidelines and best practices to ensure everyone’s safety.

2021 registration is now open and we would love for you to join us! Until next summer, we hope that you continue to Serve Local in your own community.

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