Call To Prayer

by Todd Gehrmann, Director of Ministry

God has done amazing things this summer through Next Step. Communities are growing closer together and our partnerships in the communities have been nothing short of amazing. Students and adults across the United States have given commitments to Jesus Christ for the first time. Countless people have recommitted their lives to Christ and have decided to face head on the challenges and obstacles that have robbed them of the joy and freedom they once knew in Christ.

Many years ago three very unqualified guys created a small missions organization with the intent to share the good news of Jesus Christ and serve others, but God had bigger plans! God flipped our idea of mission on it’s head and turned what used to be a small little missions organization into into an all out movement. We now hear about and see churches and individuals that are going back into their communities with a newfound love of God and their neighbor. It’s a movement where love and forgiveness reign supreme, people are not ashamed of the sharing the good news of Christ resurrected and where serving others is more important than being served.

Unfortunately, like most movements, more often then not, through the passing of time commitments eventually loose their luster and the excitement they once had turns to apathy. Action turns to inaction and cheerfulness gives way to a melancholy spirit. Students and communities often ask in these times where God is, or where their blessings have disappeared. While it’s true that Jesus promises blessing and fulfillment to those who follow Him (John 4:14), many people are often surprised that following Christ is not as easy as they had hoped. In fact, sometimes, following Christ has been downright difficult.

Being a follower of Christ never promised that from now on everything would be perfect in life. It also never meant there would no longer be sadness, death or difficulties along life’s journey. The truth is, blessing and hardship often go hand in hand. Look no further than Jesus’ disciples, they left everything to follow Christ, and the Lord promised them a “hundred times” as much blessing in return (Mark 10:28-30). However, Jesus also warned that all who follow Him must deny themselves and bear a daily cross (Luke 9:23). Hardship was promised for the Christian, but know that it is hardship with a purpose and that purpose leads to the joy of the Lord.

So you may be wondering, what does this have to do with you, the reader.

Simply put, everything!

If you are reading this and you are a follower of Jesus Christ this little bit of information has everything to do with you. God has done amazing things through Next Step partnerships with churches, individuals, and whole communities, but it’s not over. In fact, the movement is really still just in the beginning stages. As followers of Christ, God has given you a say so in the future. He has designed each believer to have the ability to shape the future of the Kingdom on Earth both in the physical and the spiritual realm. We all have a part and a say so, if you will, to make a better Christ centered future. One of the greatest ways we can do this is by prayer.

Prayer is one of the most important activity humans can engage in. Throughout the Bible we see God responding to prayer. From Cain’s plea for leniency (Gen. 4:13–15) to the Israelites cry for freedom (Exod. 2:23–25; 3:7–10; Acts 7:34); from Moses’ cry for help at the Red Sea and against the Amalakites (Exod. 14:15–16; 17:8–14) to Hezekiah’s prayer for an extension of life (2 Kings 20:1–7); and from Abraham’s prayer for a son (Gen. 15:2ff) to the leper’s prayer to Jesus for healing (Matt. 8:2–3), the bible declares the glory of God and presents example after example of God moving in extraordinary ways in response to the prayers of his people.

John Wesley once proclaimed that “God will do nothing but in answer to prayer.” While this proclamation may be a bit of an overstatement it is indeed rooted in Scripture. As James, the brother of Jesus put it, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16) not just in changing us as believers (while it certainly does this), but also in saving nations and in bringing about His Kingdom.

We are calling upon all believers who want to partner with Next Step Ministries to pray for the ministry. Praying that the movement God began in the lives of so many thousands of people will not die out. Pray that church partners and individuals will continue to serve and share the good news in their own communities. Pray that people are inspired by God to find new and creative ways to minister to their neighbors. Pray for humility, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray for healing, for unity and most of all, pray mighty prayers of thanksgiving for having the opportunity to be unconditionally loved by the one and only God and creator of the universe.

Thank you for your support.

If you want to find more ways to support Next Step’s Ministry download the MyStep Prayer Wall app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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