Next Step construction internships give you the unique opportunity to get valuable hands-on construction experience, as well as lead hundreds of volunteers and manage dozens of projects during nine week-long mission trips. You will be directly involved in every step of each project with specific experience in planning, estimating, scheduling, budgeting, and management. With that, our full time construction staff will be very involved in setting you up for success during your summer, as well as supporting and training you during the internship. Lastly, this internship allows you to grow in your faith and serve alongside a community.



Manage all aspects of life changing building projects in a community


Lead energetic, effective worksites that impact many lives, including yours




Training Week: May 20th - 25th
Prep Week: May 26th – June 1st
Mission Trips: June 1st – August 3rd
Banquet: August 6th, 2019

* Some positions have additional training requirements.



Los Angeles, CA Colorado Springs, CO
Milwaukee, WI Crownpoint, NM
Braxton County, WV Pine Ridge, SD
Fairbanks, AK Madison, Wisconsin
Lexington County, SC Long Island, NY
Lorain County, OH Oklahoma City, OK
San Augustine, TX Fond Blanc, Haiti
Sumpango, Guatemala


$1,500 – $2,000

*Some positions are required to raise support.




With many construction internships, you find yourself in the office quite a bit. That isn’t the case with Next Step. As an intern, you will be directly involved in every step of the construction process. This includes being exposed to the planning, estimating, scheduling, budgeting, and management of each project you work on during the summer. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to work with suppliers, and other professionals from all over the country.



In today’s industry, leadership skills are crucial. During the internship, you will be leading over 500 volunteers through the process of building while managing a large summer budget. Whether it is hanging drywall, roofing a home, or building one from the ground up, you will have the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate and lead those around you. There is no doubt, during a summer with Next Step, you will be immersed in valuable leadership experiences that will be used for a lifetime.



The experience you gain from the summer is like no other internship program. You will have the opportunity to gain a wide variety of construction-related knowledge, as well as valuable leadership and management involvement. These experiences are widely sought after by every employer. Past interns will agree that this internship will not only help equip you for a future in the construction industry, but also prepare you for any future ministry involvement.



Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to serve alongside a community for the entire summer. This service will go far beyond the physical construction project that you will be involved with. You will also have the chance to build relationships with community members. These relationships will impact your life in ways you never expected as you grow in a deeper understanding of what it means to be in community.




Missional Leadership

  • Team Leader
  • Hospitality Leader
  • Community Project Coordinator
  • VBS Coordinator


  • Worship Leader
  • Worship Team Member
  • Emcee
  • Media Tech


  • Construction Project Manager
  • Construction Site Supervisor



Resumes should list all education, previous jobs, and other pertinent experience.


Every applicant must submit two references. Some positions have specific types of references they must include; see application for details.

Video sample

Worship Leader, Worship Team Member, and Emcee applicants have a video sample requirement as a part of their application; see application for details.



The last step is to simply fill out the online application by clicking Apply Now below. You will be able to upload your application materials with your application. We will contact you with 48 hours of receiving your application. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


All applicants must be 18 years old and one full year out of high school. CPR certification is required prior to the start of the summer. See positions and requirements for list of specific position requirements.
All internship  positions are required to serve from May 20th - August 6th, 2019. There are no part-time internships
Your summer will start with a week of training in Wisconsin. Here you will learn the ins and outs of the summer and get specific training for your position.
There are several things we consider when placing staff and building the teams. First, we consider your specific skills and talents and how they best fit into the communities we work with and the teams that are set up. We also take into consideration where you would like to serve. Lastly, we place based on the needs of Next Step.
Yes. You will serve at one location for the entirety of your summer. The only exception is for either the Worship Leader or Construction Manager Flex positions. See positions and requirements for more information on the Flex Position.
Yes. There is a Mid-Summer Team Break (onsite) on July 5th - July 7th. This will be an opportunity for you and your team to get away from your job responsibilities, and reenergize for the last few weeks of trips. The goal is for you and your team to feel spiritually refreshed and rested.

That being said, due to the nature of your position there is very little downtime on a day-to-day basis. Typical weekends are used to shop for supplies, set up new projects, and rest. You will be exhausted, but take it from us; it will be well worth it! The position requires your effort 24/7 for 10 weeks.

All of your food and lodging is covered for the entire summer! You will be staying at a church or school in the community you live in. Your new bedroom will most likely be a classroom. You will sleep on an air mattress.
You are responsible for your transportation to training week on May 20th and home at the end of the summer on Aug 6th (That’s one round trip ticket to Wisconsin). Next Step covers all the rest of your transportation!
No. Next Step has all power tools and hand tools on site. We ask that you do however bring your Personal Protection Equipment (hard hat, glasses, gloves) and suggest bringing your tool belt. Any tools you choose to bring on site will be at your own risk.
All staff will be expected to go out onto a worksite during the day. You may even be leading a site! You will learn some basic skills in managing a construction worksite during training week and throughout the summer from your Construction Team so that you feel comfortable on site.
Next Step’s most common domestic projects are residential home repair projects such as; porches, roofing, insulation and drywall, interior finishes, and concrete.  We also complete a few commercial construction projects and new home builds each year. Internationally, our projects involve concrete and block work.
Next Step uses Procore, a nationwide project management software, to organize all our building efforts.  This is how the construction department is able to oversee the long list of projects we complete each year.  Our construction teams work with Procore daily, using Procore to access drawing sets, submit an RFI or inspection, upload progress photos, and communicate with others on the project.
Next Step provides a full week of hands-on training for all staff.  Our construction staff receive specific training on worksite safety and leadership, as well as hands-on building experience with tools and various projects.  Next Step also operates a YouTube Channel, ‘NSM Construction’, which provides many extensive project tutorials. Check it out and subscribe for your future projects!



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